Monday, March 8, 2010

On Stage: The Mermaid Princess

From The Mermaid Princess by Rebekah Harriman:

THE MERMAID PRINCESS tells the dark and moving story of a mermaid living deep in the ocean with a spellbindingly beautiful voice. She rescues a shipwrecked prince and falls in love with him. The mermaid bargains for a mortal transformation from a sea witch so she can be with her prince - the witch demands her sublime singing voice in return and warns the princess that she will turn into sea foam should she fail to marry the prince. The mermaid enters this perilous agreement, becomes mute and her prince marries another! Heartbroken, the mermaid takes revenge and escapes the sea witches’ curse with darkly-thrilling consequences.

This brand new English speaking production of THE MERMAID PRINCESS utilises evocative imagery, magical drama and poetic text. THE MERMAID PRINCESS is a free adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s THE LITTLE MERMAID drawing inspiration from his mesmirising, beautiful and dark story. Music, dance, masks and physical storytelling combine harmoniously to create a lucid and visionary production.

Teatro Kismet’s signature physical and visual style has consistently appealed to both children and adults and their award winning adaptations have captivated audiences world-wide for over twenty five years. This tour marks the company’s sixteenth year of showcasing these unique productions in the UK. Following BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and THE SNOW QUEEN, THE MERMAID PRINCESS completes a Trilogy of work dedicated to both children and adults, enabling them to share powerful narrative and the magical dimensions of the fairy tale.

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