Monday, March 1, 2010

Women in Folklore for Women's History Month

It’s March!

March is Women’s History Month.

In honor of the month, I am challenging myself to produce a daily post about women who are somehow related to fairy tales and folklore, be they folklorists, authors, illustrators or scholars in other fields. I have a list of names ready and all are real women, in other words, no fictional characters. I have more names than there are days in the month actually. Some will be living, some not.

Each entry will use a simple heading of Women in Folklore for brevity’s sake. I will also create a Women and Folklore topic label for easier searching later.

When I highlight living women this month, I will keep the biographical and personal information to a minimum, preferrably quoting directly from their own webpages thus sharing information they've pre-approved for public consumption.

And, in case the topic interests you in other ways, SurLaLune has a page devoted to topics concerning women and folklore at Women and Fairy Tales.

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