Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fairy Tale Slot Game

In the category of, yes, fairy tales show up EVERYWHERE...

From Rival Offers Fairy Tale Slot Game by Joe Valentino:

All of us are familiar with the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel that we have heard or read in our childhood. Now Rival Gaming brings this story to the reels in an amazing video slot game called Candy Cottage. The introductory clip shows Hansel and Gretel walking through the forest till they see the Candy Cottage. Gretel knocks on the door hoping to be able to eat the goodies, but the door is opened by the wicked witch.

The symbols on the reels exhibit the familiar characteristics of rival gaming slots, which are bright colors and sharp graphics. The Witch, Hansel and Gretel are symbols and surprisingly it is the Witch that offers the highest fixed jackpot. The other symbols are Bread Basket, Duck, Chocolate, Sweets, Candy and Jelly Beans. The expanding wild the symbol is the Furnace, the Candy Cottage triggers the free spins and the Cage triggers the bonus round. The symbols show some fantastic animation. The slab of chocolate gets bitten into and disappears. The jelly beans jump up and down. The best animation is for the furnace symbol that expands to cover all three rows with its crooked chimney. Then the furnace lights up and a flame spurts out of it.

Now I'm not a gambler, but this is fascinating. It's not the first fairy tale game of chance I've read about, but usually I can't find imagery without going to gambling sites which I personally avoid. So here you go...

And those are just about the ugliest Hansel and Gretel I've ever seen...

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  1. "And those are just about the ugliest Hansel and Gretel I've ever seen..."
    I was looking at that picture and thinking, "What remarkably uncharismatic children."