Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Syfy's Beauty and the Beast This Weekend

I promised I would post about this earlier to the air date so that those who are interested will have time to program that DVRs or VCRs if that's how you still roll.

Beauty and the Beast, SyFy's first fairy tale film interpretation in their new series airs this Saturday night. Here's a link to the official page on their site.

As rather expected, the earlier reviews are panning it. I'm not going to take the time to quote them here, but here are some links for your edification:

Television Review: Beauty and the Beast by R.J. Carter

Beauty and the Beast: Reviewed by The Foywonder

And one press article of an interview with Gavin Scott, the screenwriter:

EXCL: Beauty & the Beasts' Gavin Scott

So who's going to watch and who isn't?

By the way, if you were around for my previous post where I added a small diatribe against the SyFy branding, there was a recent article in a well-known magazine putting SyFy in the top ten worst rebrands in recent years. I felt so vindicated even if I can't remember where the article was.

Okay, I had to find it, it was Time Magazine:

Unless science fiction is spelled syience fyction, owners of the popular television network need some serious spelling help. The channel announced in early July 2009 it had decided to rename — er, respell — the channel SyFy. What was the point? Execs argued that Sci Fi was the name of an entire genre, not a channel. "We couldn't own Sci Fi," former president Bonnie Hammer said. "But we can own SyFy." It could also have owned Sy Figh, Sigh Fae or SaiFai, if it wished.


  1. I like the suggestion of "Sigh Fae"!

    I have no plans to watch it. I found Tinman extraordinarily tedious and irritating at the same time. If this is intended to go along the same lines in writing and actor performances, then I can live without it.