Monday, February 1, 2010

PBS & Little Red Riding Hood

I ended the weekend as I often due this time of year, by watching Masterpiece Theatre last night. I'm enjoying Emma--and why they had to split it into three weeks, I don't know--but afterwards my PBS affiliate aired this wonderful spot that I've seen rarely although it's been around since 2005 (actually December 2004). So I thought I would share in case you haven't seen it. Or just to remind you of its wonderfulness.

Besides, the advertising entries on the blog are some of the most popular and I wouldn't want this one to be missed...

It was produced by Fallon Minneapolis.

Oh, and the first episode of Emma is available for viewing on the PBS website at Emma. I'm enjoying it enough to want the DVDs though. I collect Jane Austen and Bronte sisters film adaptations, excepting Wuthering Heights because I detest it. Can't help myself on the collecting or detesting.


  1. Wow... Little Red Ridinghood references AND Bernadette Peters? I'm in Heaven!

  2. They've been airing the commercial directly after every showing of Emma this past week. I was pleasantly surprised and loved it!