Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow White's Mac Apple

I recently read Apple Logo Stands The Test Of Time For 30 Years by by Ron Callari. Since I am married to a Mac fanatic, I am well aware of the Apple logo and really admire it is a strong, effective logo. The article discusses Adam and Eve, Newton and of course Snow White as famous characters associated with the fruit.

Here we are only concerned with Snow White, of course, so I wanted to share these images again along with links to where you can buy them on Etsy from The Dark Monkey.

This is actually the more common image seen around the web, and it looks better balanced but it makes less sense since the apple bite is facing away from her.

Of course, there is also some playing with the images, such as this version titled Snow White's Revenge. (It's available in black or white, by the way.)

I am not affiliated with this Etsy seller. These links are only provided as information, not endorsement. Do the explore the shop though since there are some other funnies to be seen, too, completely not fairy tale related.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Very cute. As a Mac fanatic, I am not sure how I missed these before. Thank you for sharing. :-)