Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow White Beer Ad

'Ho White' Beer Ad Incurs Disney's Wrath

A beer advertisement featuring Snow White blowing smoke rings while lying in bed with seven semi-naked dwarves has reportedly left Disney fuming.

I'm not sharing imagery but pictures are available through the link. I swerve away from the tasteless and possible copyright infringements on the blog. This one definitely plays very closely with Disney's imagery for the characters. And you don't mess with Disney copyrights. That is a very dangerous proposition. Generic versions of fairy tales: safe. Disney's fairy tales: Not ever safe.

But this is news, so I share it with you...


  1. I once read that Walt so protected the image of Snow White that he refused to let Adriana Caselotti be used for any other radio spots after she voiced Snow White. You don't mess with the image of Disney.

  2. First Disney gets into the world of bridal jewelry, and now this! Unfortunately, this parody does poke too much fun at the charming and innocent brand that is Disney. And that Snow White must have lots of energy – at least seven times that of a normal woman.