Saturday, October 24, 2009

Disney's Fairy Tale Rings

The "Kirstie Kelly for Disney by Mouwad" collection of rings was just unveiled at Bridal Week in New York...

One of the biggest fairy tale related stories of the week is Disney's new foray into engagement rings named for the fairy tale princesses. So now you can own a ring officially named for a fairy tale princess if you like. I finally found images of all six rings instead of the random unnamed ones found in the countless articles from this week about this line. Didn't expect MTV to be one of the more helpful articles, but it was!

I admit I'm not seeing much of a correlation between design and princess, but the rings are attractive. A simple internet search will help you find retail locations but they won't be available until Spring 2010.

I like these three below better than the ones pictured above...I'm tied between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty for my favorites. You can also see images of the related gowns at this gallery.


  1. Wow. Just... wow. I am continually amazed by what girls and women will buy to feel like a princess.

  2. It's actually part of an entire line of bridal gowns, flower girl and bridesmaid dresses, etc based off the princesses. I'll admit to being mostly disappointed with the whole endeavor, but in this case, my favorite ring and my favorite tale actually coincide (Belle).

  3. I saw the bridal gowns and was disappointed they weren't more inspired by dresses worn by the princesses in the movies. It's just more ways to up the price of something with Disney's name attached to get people to buy the brand!

    The rings are okay, I'm a fan of the Cinderella and Belle. :)

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