Thursday, October 8, 2009

Granny O’Grimm

Okay, this one made me laugh. And then I wanted more and started trying to figure out how to get more...

The best place to learn about Granny O'Grimm is on her newly launched website at Granny O'Grimm. Here are some explanations of what all of this is about, namely a short film that's winning prizes at film festivals and is now being made into a series.

Inspired by a character in Irish writer Kathleen O'Rourke's stand-up comedy show, Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty first came to the screen in a 5min short film directed by Nicky Phelan and produced by Brown Bag Films in 2008. Currently zimmer-framing her way around the international film festival circuit, 'Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty' has already collected a number of audience awards at film festivals in Ireland, America and Australia. The short film will have an Irish theatrical release through Paramount Pictures this year and will receive its television debut on Ireland's public service broadcaster, RTE.

You can watch the beginning of the film on the website at The Film.
Alas, it's not the entire film, so be prepared to be tortured as you wish for more..

Here's more about the series, too.

We all know the Grimm fairytales. Granny's are grimmer...
Once upon a time there was a granny who dreamed of being the best granny in the whole world. Unfortunately, this granny was tormented by a lifetime of rage against the world and everyone in it. Luckily, nobody noticed what an angry old woman she had become because they took no notice of her one way or another. But there's only so much anger one old woman can repress before it BURSTS OUT FROM THE DEPTHS OF HER SOUL IN A SCREAMING FIREBALL OF BITTERNESS AND RESENTMENT!

...or a bedtime story, as Granny herself likes to call it.

Granny O'Grimm is a 26 x 11 min animated series. Each episode features Granny O'Grimm's desperate attempts to be the perfect granny to her three grandchildren, before the fairytales unleash her demons. Produced by Brown Bag Films and directed by Nicky Phelan, the series will be created in 3D & 2D computer animation.

And here are some of Granny's thoughts on a few fairy tales:

She doesn’t think much of them as it turns out: “That Little Mermaid fancied herself too much by half. Turning her nose up at the local merboys to chase a human Prince. It was far from princes she was reared let me tell you. And where did the Gingerbread Man’s notions of escaping to a better life get him? Dead inside in a fox, that’s where”.

These are produced by Brown Bag Films which is celebrating a great year and a fifteen year anniversary. You can read more about that at Brown Bag’s Darragh O’Connell Talks 15 Years of Animation. They also have an informative article to announce the launching of the site at Granny O'Grimm launches her very own website and a little bit of history behind the development.

I can't wait for DVDs of this one. I will preorder them as soon as I learn about them. Oh, please oh please oh please put them on DVD sooner rather than later...

Here's a slightly different clip:


  1. Just surfed in...if you dig fairy tales and ain't never ever viewed Mr. Davenport's productions, well, you'll thank me for this web site.

    If'in ya ain't rich, always check Amazon for used copies.

  2. love the vid cant w8 to see more 10/10 :)