Tuesday, December 3, 2013

University Press of Kentucky Ebook Loyalty Program: Jack Zipes Ebooks

UPK's EBook Exchange


Do you own a print copy of a University Press of Kentucky title and wish you had the ebook too? Send us a digital photo of you holding the book to receive the electronic edition for free!

Click on the ABOUT/SUBMIT page to learn more.

From that page:

Here’s how it works:

1) Check the list of eligible books: http://www.kentuckypress.com/live/list_ebooks.php?skip=0&max=25 (400+ available and counting).

2) SUBMIT your photo by using the form below (available on page).
*Please make sure that the title of your book is clearly visible, AND include an email address with your submission for ebook file delivery*

3) Receive a complimentary PDF edition of your book within 7–10 business days

Here are instructions for loading your ebook onto your reader: http://ebooksbridge.com/www/ebb/index.php?main_page=page&id=23

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is available only for eligible titles and only to individual customers who own print copies of University Press of Kentucky books. Businesses and institutions may not participate. Altered photos, repeat photos, and photos taken in stores where books are sold or in libraries will not be accepted. Only one ebook will be issued per print book. The Press reserves the right to a) deny submissions that appear to violate these terms and conditions at its discretion, b) post and use any photos submitted in any future press promotional materials, and c) discontinue or change the ebook loyalty program at any time.

They don't have many fairy tale titles, but they do have two by Jack Zipes. If you own either Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales or Fairy Tale as Myth/Myth as Fairy Tale (Clark Lectures), you may get free ebook versions by using the loyalty program.

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  1. If you got the print version via Amazon, you can also get the kindle copies free via them as well. Just go to Kindle Matchbook. It should show up there.