Monday, December 9, 2013

The Princess Creativity Book

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The Princess Creativity Book: Includes Stickers, Fold-Out Scene, Stencils, and Pretty Paper is part of a large line of Creativity books published internationally, see the UK edition here. Three of the books, including this one, draw inspiration from classic fairy tales. These are the types of books I adored as a kid and I find them tempting now. My youngest niece is nearing the perfect age for these, so they are going on my list.

I'm going to give each of the three books a separate post because I have images from each title to share and don't want to confuse the sources or books.

Book description:

Certain to please every little princess who enjoys crafts and activities, this big, fun-packed book has pictures to color, sticker sheets for decorating a gatefold sticker scene, stencils for drawing, decorated paper for fashioning crafts items, mazes and puzzles to solve, directions for making a princess crown, princess games to play with friends, and much more. Every little girl wants to be a princess, and this book encourages her with--

An Are You a Real Princess? quiz presenting questions for her to answer
Instructions for making a Royal Proclamation Poster she can attach to her bedroom door
An insert-and-press-out sheet she can use to construct models of a Princess and Prince
A Fortune Teller cut-out to predict her own magic future . . . and much more

No story about a princess is complete without a Wicked Queen, and girls will find directions for completing a Wicked Queen picture, plus more drawing activities that include designing new hairdos, solving dot-to-dot puzzles, and sketching in the missing items in Cinderella's photo album. Little girls will discover fun-to-do activities on every page of this fascinating book, along with illustrations to inspire their imaginations and stimulate their creative dreams.

More books in the series, not all will be highlighted on the blog:

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