Friday, December 6, 2013

New Book: The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth

(UK / US links)

The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth was released in the UK earlier this year and somehow I never posted about it. With a cover like this, it deserves its own post even more. Let me show it larger:

Lovely. I am a sucker for silhouette art, which makes the works of Arthur Rackham and Lotte Reininger always a treat for me, too. I would hang this on my office wall in a heartbeat in poster size. Or would love it as an ebook cover.

Forsyth's earlier book, Bitter Greens (UK link), drew upon the history of Rapunzel for inspiration. It also has a gorgeous cover.

(UK / US links)

Alas, neither book has been officially released in the US yet, although it is easy enough to buy the books through third party sellers on and elsewhere. Try The Wild Girl (US link) and Bitter Greens (US link). The books were originally published in Australia and are even more readily available through booksellers in that region but I don't have any links.

Book description for The Wild Child:

Once there were six sisters. The pretty one, the musical one, the clever one, the helpful one, the young one...And then there was the wild one. Dortchen Wild has loved Wilhelm Grimm since she was a young girl. Under the forbidding shadow of her father, the pair meet secretly to piece together a magical fairy tale collection. The story behind the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

And while we're here, a book description for Bitter Greens, too:

Charlotte-Rose de la Force, exiled from the court of King Louis XIV, has always been a great talker and teller of tales. Selena Leonelli, once the exquisite muse of the great Venetian artist Tiziano, is terrified of time. Margherita, trapped in a doorless tower and burdened by tangles of her red-gold hair, must find a way to escape. You may think you know the story of Rapunzel ...

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  1. I finished Bitter Greens recently and loved it, so I'm really excited to read The Wild Girl!