Monday, December 9, 2013

The Snow White Creativity Book

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Of the three creativity books I am featuring today, this is my favorite: The Snow White Creativity Book: Games, Cut-Outs, Art Paper, Stickers, and Stencils (Creativity Books). Or if you are in the UK, here's your link. And, no, it's not because it is Snow White. If you've been reading here, that is not one of my absolute favorite fairy tales although I have great affection for it.

My love for this creativity book comes from the illustrations, which were adapted from a picture book of Snow White illustrated by Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac. The picture book illustrated by Basic and Sumberac is not published in the US yet, but it is available in several languages around Europe, all of which are also accessible in the US through third party sellers. I'll post more about that book next. For now, back to the Creativity book. I have images to share...

All of the books I've featured today have stickers, but for this book, I have images of the sticker pages. Very charming! I also think the activity pages in this edition are the best designed of all the fairy tale related books, although they are all fine and fun. This book has the additional charm of the illustrations for inspiration.

Book description:

The classic fairytale Snow White always inspires young imaginations, so it's the perfect inspiration for a highly imaginative Creativity Book from Barron's. Kids will relive the wonder of the story as they help the dwarves dig for jewels, create their own magic mirror reflection, find the differences between two magical pictures, and more.

Barron's imaginatively interactive Creativity Books are great for keeping kids occupied anytime.Their features include:

Games, puzzles, and fun-to-answer quizzes
Sticker sheets and an illustrated fold-out page for sticker decorating
Stencil sheets and pages for coloring
Special pull-out art paper and art projects to complete
High quality pages and spiral binding to handle heavy usage

Each Creativity Book has a distinctive theme to capture the imaginations of boys and girls. Illustrations on virtually every page include 40 pages in color.

More books in the series, not all will be highlighted on the blog:


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