Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fairy Tale Rug

I'm in love with this "Pop Up Book rug designed by the Bob Foundation and sold on a Japanese website for 28,000 yen or about $296 (tax included.)" Found via My Modern Met. 

I love it and would love one in my office. How awesome that would be! Not sure where it came from before Bob Foundation sold it.

Oh well, at least I own this silver pendant which at least has the same sentiment. It's price was much more reasonable in comparison. (And yes, the engraving was extra, so it did cost more!) But I love it. And it's much easier to store. It's from James Avery and I have posted about it before. It was my celebratory reward when I sold my first 100 books.


  1. Love it! They should make a version/edition with a brown "cover" too.

  2. That rug is absolutely wonderful! If only I had more money to splurge then I would snap it up in an instant! And that necklace is too cute - what a lovely gift for yourself! I may just have to invent a reason to buy one for myself :)

    Jodie x