Monday, February 11, 2013

Lovely Tribute: Read to a Child

I just read an obituary that ended with a wonderful family request. Welsford Hone "Gus" Clark was an elementary education professor for over 30 years at BYU. He died a week ago and there are many loving remembrances passing around the internet about him. That is how I came across his and his family's final request in his official obituary, one I would include in my own obituary.

The Clark family suggests that you can honor Gus by purchasing a children's book and spending precious time reading it to a child.

Of course, I would be tempted to narrow it to a fairy tale book, but any children's book being read to a child is a wonderful tribute to those of us who love sharing literature with the rising generation. At the top of the page, I added images of some of the picture books that have brought me and a child in my life joy by reading  it together, ones I look at and have vivid memories of sharing. There are many, many more, of course. My picture book collection literally circles the bottom shelves of my library and gets regular usage. And the pop-up books are even more used.

Last week was a niece's 3rd birthday--after the presents were opened and the cake was eaten, she turned to me and asked for the "magic bag." It hadn't come with me that time because of the presents and cake--and, yes, everything was princess themed this year--but it gave me a moment of joy to think that amidst that orgy of toys and sugar, she still wanted a few moments with me and a book or two. I didn't say it to her then but in my mind I promised Kensie many, many more shared bookish moments in the years to come.


  1. What a truly wonderful and generous family request in the name of their loved one. So touching, he must have been a lovely man. Minerva ~

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for posting this. He must have been a great teacher.