Friday, September 10, 2010

Updates to SurLaLune

Sleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales From Around the World

I just wanted to drop a note to say that I am busily finishing up Twelve Dancing Princesses Tales From Around the World.  Another book, The Grateful Dead Tales, will be following very closely behind.  More about the how and why for that book later.  And then in my copious free time (ha!) I've been updating the SurLaLune site proper although I am always woefully behind on that to do list. 

So far, most of my updates are to the Similar Tales from around the World pages for Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Frog Prince and Rapunzel.  I wanted to update lists and share with the new users discovering the site this academic year.  I'm still missing some of the updates to those lists, but they are longer and more comprehensive than ever before. 

I have finally mapped out many of the posts for a week about Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, discussing things I learned while working on Sleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales From Around the World

It's really difficult to be working on one book and thinking about promoting a previous one that is history in my head, especially when the next one is almost complete and I am busily making sure it is truly done.  I'm just thrilled with how many Twelve Dancing variants I've gathered for the collection, considering this is a much less popular tale in the scheme of things.  I have translated a few of the tales but I've also received permission to reprint a few harder to find ones that are under active copyright.  They are fun tales, too.  Such as the Hungarian version in which three princesses wear out three hundred pairs of slippers each night by dancing on razors.  Yep, once again, you just can't make this stuff up because someone already did it for you decades, if not centuries ago...

Then there is the regular fairy tale news and such, too.  I have some of that which I will try to share over the weekend. 

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