Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Tangled Trailer

Okay, so I'm a day or so late on this, but here's the newest trailer for Tangled.

And, well, I am much more interested in this one than I was in Princess and the Frog. I may actually see it in the theatre which is saying something for me. I don't enjoy going to movie theatres anymore. But does this movie have anything to do with Rapunzel, really? I think the boys have taken over the fairy tale. I really, really don't want her to be the sidekick. Just saying...

Makes me want to reread Parsillette in which the boy does not get a happy ending...

And I am REALLY curious about that glowing hair scene. What is that about?

Guess we'll know around November 24th or thereabouts...


  1. She's definitely not the sidekick; try the second trailer released in the UK, which features a lot more Rapunzel: - though I do think they are emphasizing the boy-driven adventure side, it is mostly the current publicity and not what the movie is all about. Have you also seen the art of Tangled featurette?

  2. I work in a book store and have seen the tie-in children's picture books. The story is most definitely Rapunzel's, but for the ads and commercials they seem to be advertising the action/adventure elements (perhaps to get more boys in the seats?) All I know is that the relationship between Rapunzel and Mother Gothel (yes, they use that name in the movie!) is fully explored in the storybooks I've seen and seems to develop in a very intriguing way. And yes, Rapunzel has magical hair. How great is that? :-)