Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twelve Dancing Princess' by The Morrows

Twelve dancing princess'

In all of my researching of the fairy tale for the upcoming book, I recently discovered a folksong inspired by the fairy tale, a rare occurence for this tale.  (It's rather rare for any fairy tale considering the easy relationship between folk stories and folk music.) So I share the Twelve dancing princess'by the Morrows, also known as Patrick and Wendy Morrow.

I didn't find a website for The Morrows. Apparently they have been performing for years but this is their first release just out for a few months, so this is new.  If you follow the Amazon link, you can hear a snippet of the song.  I downloaded it to hear all of it but didn't find the entire song online anywhere.  If you like folk music and the fairy tale, this should be a pretty good fit for you.

And, no, I don't understand the way the track is titled with the apostrophe.  And it isn't a typo on my part...

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