Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faerie Escape: Ari Berk

The Secret History of Mermaids

Ari Berk and I sat on two panels together and I thoroughly enjoyed being there just to hear his storytelling.

The Secret History of Giants

From the bio in the Faerie Escape program:

Ari Berk is an award winning writer, folklorist, artist, and scholar of literature, iconography, and comparative myth. Deeply dedicated to interdisciplinary writing, teaching, and research, Dr. Berk holds degrees in Ancient History (B.A.), American Indian Studies (M.A.), and Comparative Literature and Culture (Ph.D.). The former student of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer N. Scott Momaday, he has studied at Oxford and traveled widely, making friends in many parts of the world.

Coyote Speaks: Wonders of the Native American World

As Professor of English at Central Michigan University, he teaches courses in mythology, folklore, American Indian studies, and medieval literature, and is the editor of the Realms of Fantasy magazine’s Folkroots section. Dr. Berk also sits on the board of directors of the Mythic Imagination Institute. Ari is the author of numerous books for children and adults. His latest books are The Life and Times of William Shakespeare (with Kristen McDermott), The Secret History of Giants, The Secret History of Mermaids, How to Be a Viking, and Coyote Speaks -- Wonders of the Native American World (with Carolyn Dunn). He is also the author of The Runes of Elfland, Goblins! and Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Letters (all three with internationally known artist Brian Froud). His work has been translated into Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Romanian, Bosnian- Herzegovinian, Slovenian, and Japanese.


Born and raised in California, he now lives in Michigan with his wife and son and has passed three times through a holed stone.

 The Runes of Elfland

The Runes of Elfland This is the book Ari read from during one of the Saturday panels.

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Letters

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  1. I have most of the books you featured above. He is such a creative force in the world of folklore, and I always look forward to new books. I think the next one coming out for his Secret History series is Hobgoblins. Yay!