Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lotsa Little Red Riding Hoods

The Children's/Fantasy Illustration Blog has shared many illustrations of Little Red Riding Hood in the past month.  I am sharing them here.  I haven't had time to investigate the illustrators further, but if you leave a comment about any favorites, I will try to learn more.  For now, just enjoy the pretty pictures and one of everyone's favorite fairy tale characters... (Would that be LRRH or the wolf?)

by Stefano Morri

by Isabel Oakley Naftel (1862)

by Fleury-Francois Richard

by Harriet Backer (1872)

by Hope Illarionov

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  1. I love the one by Ludwig Knaus especially - all the bright gold-green and spots of color in the meadow, but as sunny as it is you still get the sense of a young girl that's gone off the path and is quite alone (even though her diverted route into a meadow seems peaceful at the moment...)