Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faerie Escape Wrap-up

The first annual Faerie Escape was a success!  I always enjoy attending conferences like this for everyone is gathered to discuss and enjoy each other's company and this event was no exception.  Thanks to all of the organizers and guests who made it a great experience--no matter how big or small the event, a lot of work is required to make something like this happen to special thanks to Andrew, Kathleen, Honora and the many others I didn't meet personally.  From what I understand next year's event is already being planned and it will only be greater as more people learn about it and attend.  It will be in Atlanta again and I will post more here when I learn more about it.

Over the next few days I plan to highlight some of the discussions from the event as well as the work of several of the panelists.  Many have books they have written or highly recommend.  I know not many people were taking notes--I often forgot to myself--but I wanted to share what I remembered and maintain this resource for those who attended and need to job their memories or for those of you who didn't attend and missed the recommendations.

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