Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming Soon: Beauty & the Beast: A Pop-up Book of the Classic Fairy Tale

Beauty & the Beast: A Pop-up Book of the Classic Fairy Tale

Beauty & the Beast: A Pop-up Book of the Classic Fairy Tale is actually a dream come true for me.  I have been an avid fan of pop-up books for years, in part thanks to the resurgence in their popularity thanks to the work of Robert Sabuda, David A. Carter, Matthew Reinhart and others.  Seriously, do a search of pop-up books on Amazon and be amazed at the releases of recent years.  I have given up collecting and can only pick absolute favorites for my own shelves these days.

Sabuda has a sneak peak of how he developed the book on his website.  See it here. There are also some preliminary full color illustrations on the Amazon page, but no images of the pop-ups themselves yet. And I expect to be thrilled by them.

This won't be released until October--I've already preordered, no surprise--but I am already intrigued with Sabuda's interpretation of the beast and I am excited about the stained glass illustration effect.  I have been hoping for more fairy tales from Sabuda or Reinhart since Reinhart's Cinderella and of course Beauty and the Beast was chosen just for me (ha!) since it is my favorite fairy tale.

(And any Star Wars fan who doesn't own the Star Wars Pop-Up is a failure as a Star Wars fan.  I've given that one as a gift more than once now. And had to read it with my nephew Luke more times than I can count.)

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  1. Oh, that is exciting! B&B is my favourite tale, too, and I am also intrigued by the stained glass effect. I think I'll have to preorder this as well--thanks for the heads-up! :)