Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by Brigette Barrager

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by Brigette Barrager was released last month and got lost in the Bluebeard theme, so here it is today! This is Barrager's first book and appears to be a fairly straight forward retelling of the fairy tale.

There are some fairy tales I feel compelled to acquire all of the picture book versions. That would be nearly impossible with Cinderella--which can compel me if the version is interesting. But my real challenges are Beauty and the Beast and Twelve Dancing Princesses. Neither of those appear as often in picture books, but it still makes for a challenge. This one goes on the consideration list. I hope to see it in the bookstore first although I rarely get to one anymore. Most of the ones nearby have shut down, so I have to travel at least 15-20 miles to get to the nearest one. In a major city, no less. I don't live in the boonies!

Product description:

The talented Brigette Barrager lavishly illustrates this beautiful retelling of the Grimm Brothers' "The Twelve Dancing Princesses." In this fairy tale, twelve princesses wake up every morning to find their shoes are worn out and they are totally exhausted! A handsome suitor discovers that the princesses are enchanted, and that each night, in their sleep, they travel to a magical world to dance at a ball. Will this handsome suitor be able to break the spell and rescue the princesses?
And now for some illustrations....

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