Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once Upon a Tile by InterfaceFLOR, Part 1

Well, we've not had an advertising themed post in a little while. These are so much fun and some of my favorite posts. And this is new, fairy tales to sell flooring for InterfaceFLOR. What I like is the unexpected usage of Hansel and Gretel but the omission of Snow White who is often popular for hocking stuff, usually right up there with Cindy and Sleeping Beauty.

To create the campaign, InterfaceFLOR teamed up with Checkland Kindleysides, one of the largest design consultancies, top fashion photographer Michael Woolley, along with globally renowned hair and make-up artist Mary-Jane Frost and theatrical costume designer and stylist Ameena Kara Callender.

There are also videos which I am considering putting in another post. But for now, here's the stills.



Hansel and Gretel

Sleeping Beauty

Little Red Riding Hood

Beauty and the Beast


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  1. These are really neat. I love it. The makeup and hair and costumes are awesome. I think my favorite still is the Sleeping Beauty one.