Monday, June 20, 2011

Hans Christian Andersen Sculptures in Odense

A week or so ago, The Polar Bear's Tale blog shared some pictures of some sculptures in Odense, H.C. Andersen's hometown. She wrote:

This weekend I was in Odense - H.C. Andersen's hometown - and mine ;O) I was at Hotel H.C. Andersen...and saw these beautiful cobber sculpture groups consisting of three large pillars by the artist Jens Galschi√łt. The ornamentations are inspired by the fairy tales of H.C. Andersen.
She shared about a dozen pictures, close-ups and studies mostly, so I wanted to share a few here and encourage you to look at all of them on her blog. She shares many beautiful images on her blog and I enjoy visiting it regularly.

And because I have had mermaids on the brain:

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Aputsiaq.


  1. Oh, my heart sank when I saw the photos!!! Six years ago I attended the IVth International Conference "Hans Christian Andersen-between children's literature and adult literature", where I read a paper. I fall in love with Odense! We visited the wrtiter's birthplace; Andersen Museum, where I was happy to admire the collection of his papercuts; one of the manors he often visited... I made photos at the same place - the Radisson hotel- and I'm going to send some of them to you, Heidi, right now!

  2. Well, I'm so sorry, but my e-mail wasn't delivered and came back with the explanation: "Host or domain name not found"???