Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writing Contest for Teens Only: Cinderella Theme

Diamonds and Toads with Enchanted Conversation is sponsoring a writing contest for teens.  Here's part of the description:
When submitting your work for this Diamonds and Toads Writing Contest try to share a new way to look at “Cinderella,” maybe from the view point of the glass slipper or a poem from one of the evil stepsisters. Don’t feel that you have to stick with the traditional setting -- your Cinderella can be from any place and time and of any background and family. Explore all ways to express your ideas: poems and stories both are welcomed. Ten entries will be chosen as winners – any combination of stories and poems. The 10 winners will each receive $25 Amazon gift certificates.
The deadline for the contest is August 15, 2010 and you can read more about it here.

Good luck to all the entrants!

(Sorry I posted this a little late--it was in my drafts and I though it had published already!)

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  1. I've never really written anything before, but I think I might try this.