Friday, July 2, 2010

TerryToons: The Glass Slipper

Okay, I discovered this one recently and it is not your typical Cinderella.  Mae West as the Fairy Godmother? Harpo Marx as the Prince?  Yes, it happened once upon a time in toonworld.

Really, despite your reservations, you must watch this one to the very end to get the full surprise ending.

What else can I say?

Edited to add: Is it just me or does Cinderella look more like Disney's Snow White than anything else? Keep in mind this post dates Disney's Snow White but predates Disney's Cinderella since it is dated 1938.

Also, she's a size 14! Border line plus size in today's world. Too funny.


  1. LOVE it!! Thanks for that! Cartoons from this era are my very very favorite!

    'It's a poifect fit' Hahahaha!

    And, no it's not just you, my 6 y/o daughter said, 'Hey - she looks like Snow White!'

  2. The prince made me think of Dopey and then when Cinderella was running home it looked like the forest scene in Snow White.

  3. hahah the ending what a fun twist!