Monday, June 28, 2010

Princess and the Pea Commercial

For those of you not living in the Sky Broadband area, they have an advertising campaign to accompany their contest I posted about on Friday.

Reader Katharine shared this with me--and now you (Thanks Katharine!):
I have been enjoying your blog for several months now and just had to comment on your recent entry concerning sky broadband happily everafter campaign. I live in London and have sky tv i don't know whether you have seen the Sky princess and the pea broadband advert it's very funny with a princess more irritated by the princes lack of decent broadband coverage keeping her up all night rather than the offending pea, although after berating him concerning the broadband she does tell him to 'stop putting vegtables in my bed, it's perverse' fabulous. The posters all over town with a crowned frog
on them are cool too.

In my admittedly light searches, I couldn't find images of the posters, but I did find the Princess and the Pea commercial to share.

Happy Broadband for Picky Princes

Apparently there will also be ads featuring Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty, too. If they become available on the internet, I will share as I find them. Or if you find them, feel free to send links. I am feverishly working on completing the Sleeping Beauties book and am not devoting much time to web surfing right now.

And I admit the "It's perverse" made me smile, too.


  1. I wish they would make more commercials as entertaining as this one. Fabulous!

  2. That's very cute!