Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Book: The World Above by Cameron Dokey

The World Above (Once Upon a Time)

The World Above (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey is officially released today as the newest entry in Simon Pulse's Once Upon a Time series.  It is available in paperback and ebook.

Description from the publisher:

Gen and her twin brother, Jack, were raised with their mother's tales of life in the World Above. Gen is skeptical, but adventureous Jack believes the stories--and trades the family cow for magical beans. Their mother rejoices, knowing they can finally return to their royal home.

When Jack plants the beans and climbs the enchanted stalk, he is captured by the tyrant who now rules the land. Gen sets off to rescue her brother, but danger awaits her in the World Above. For finding Jack may mean losing her heart....
Now I find that premise interesting, making the heroine a twin sister to the famous Jack, ultimately rescuing him.  I admit when I first saw the cover and title, I expected a Jackie rather like Charles de Lint did in his Jack of Kinrowan: Jack the Giant-Killer and Drink Down the Moon.  So kudos to Dokey for surprising me. 

I am rather impressed with the endurance of this series in which Dokey has been the most prolific contributor.  It's now in its eighth year and The World Above is the 18th book.  The publisher's site only lists twelve, but there have been 18, granted that some have been stretches as true "fairy tales".  See the entire list on SurLaLune. The covers have been changed--I admit I miss the Mahlon F. and Kinuko Craft ones--but now I am always curious to see which fairy tale will be interpreted next.  Although I am not seeing any listed, so I have no idea if more are planned at this point.  I'd love to see a Six Swans as well as some others.

Finally, these books are rarely reviewed by anyone but readers, but you can read an excerpt from the first chapter on the publisher website here.


  1. Hi, I think there are actually 19 titles in the series. There is also Sunlight and Shadow by Cameron Dokey, published 2004.


  2. I recently read her Wild Orchid, and it was very, very good.