Monday, January 6, 2014

Seasoning the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I have been enjoying a much needed break from most versions of regular work in my life and needed time away from SurLaLune, too, while I enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and worked on some longstanding personal goals. I am feeling refreshed and more invigorated about SurLaLune than I have felt in almost two years since I moved houses and life got really, really hectic.

The fifteen year anniversary of SurLaLune occurred with no fanfare on December 28th but I am planning some fun in January to celebrate since I imagine most of you were off holidaying, too.

I wanted to share my favorite surprise gift of the season. My sister-in-law charmed me with this unexpected set of Fred and Friends Salt + Magic: Salt and Pepper Shakers. I dedicated Mermaid and Other Water Spirit Tales From Around the World (Surlalune Fairy Tale) to her and she has actually read much of the book, too. She saw these at a local store and thought of me which is always a cozy, comforting thought. She knows I have a penchant for fun kitchen stuff--like my collection of Zak Happy Spoons--so this gift really hit several high notes for me.

Yes, you magically salt and pepper your food by waving the wands over it. No stars appear like in the image above (smirk) but salt and pepper do generously emerge as you wave them. They are not practical but they are fun. The design would have been more practical by having the shaker holes at the top of the stars to make filling, seasoning, and storage easier but I am keeping these for the fun factor. And because I always appreciate some extra magical help in the kitchen.