Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out of the Woods by Nancy Canepa: Hardcover 60% Off

Out of the Woods: The Origins of the Literary Fairy Tale in Italy and France by Nancy Canepa is bargain priced in the US for an unknown amount of time to 60% of the list price for the HARDCOVER.

This is not an ebook bargain like most I post. Currently the price is $17.98 in the US with a list price of $44.95. I noticed this because it appears on a giveaway list submission I'm posting later this week. And that price is much less than I paid for the book years ago.

Amazon says five copies are currently available at this price and this is an excellent title to add to your fairy tales library. The book is out of print and only available used from most other sellers.

Book description:

Out of the Woods studies the birth and early evolution of the literary fairy tale in Italy and France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from the early Italian collections (Straparola and Basile), through the "first wave" of fairy tale production in the France of Louis XIV (Perrault and d'Aulnoy), up to later eighteenth-century manipulations and transformations (Hamilton, Gozzi, Casanova). The tales analyzed here were appropriated from the oral tradition and transformed by professional men and women of letters into sophisticated literary creations for an elite audience of court and salon frequenters. Thus, far from being minor works or "entertainment for little ones," these fantastic tales contributed to an interrogation and revision of the cultural history of their times, offering new paradigms of narrative representation and social interaction.

Table of Contents

Preface 7
Introduction 9

I The Rebirth of a Genre: The Creation of the Literary Fairy Tale in the Seventeenth Century

1 "Quanto 'nc'e da cca a lo luoco dove aggio da ire?": Giambattista Basile's Quest for the Literary Fairy Tale 37

2 Beauty and the Hag: Appearance and Reality in Basile's Lo cunto de li cunti 81

3 Perrault's Contes: An Irregular Pearl of Classical Literature 99

II From Genre to Gender and Ideology

4 Marvelous Realities: Reading the Merveilleux in the Seventeenth-Century French Fairy Tale 131

5 Fairy Tales about Fairy Tales: Notes on Canon Formation 152

6 Of Cats and Men: Framing the Civilizing Discourse of the Fairy Tale 176

7 Reflections on the Monarchy in d'Aulnoy's Belle-Belle ou le chevalier Fortune 194

III Eighteenth-Century Parodies and Transformations of the Fairy Tale

8 Fractured Fairy Tales: Parodies for the Salon and Foire 221

9 The Reactionary Imagination: Ideology and the Form of the Fairy Tale in Gozzi's Il re cervo [The King Stag] 247

10 "Lecteur, ne vous allarmez pas" [Reader, be not afraid]: Giacomo Casanova and Reading the Fantastic 278

11 Little Red Riding Hood as Fairy Tale, Fait-divers, and Children's Literature: The Invention of a Traditional Heritage 306


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