Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jewelry Find: Fairy Tale Images on Natural Shell

Fairy Tale Images on Natural Shell Pendant are a different fairy tale themed jewelry than the usual silver charms I see. If you've seen one silver Cinderella carriage, you've seen 30 of them, yes? Same goes with frogs wearing crowns. (Or even frogs without crowns as Prince Charmings. See the Kate Spade Prince Charming Collection)

Anyway, this has been on my list to share since before Christmas. Finally another thing off my blog list....

I also like that these are not the "most" popular fairy tales necessarily. Red Riding Hood, Frog Prince, and Sleeping Beauty really don't get the same exposure believe it or not. We get lots of frogs with crowns, but that's about it. An image with the princess, a well, and a gold ball included. Wow! Someone read the fairy tale!

They are also available as earrings. These are from different sellers but average the same price with shipping. The last on the list offers all four designs and may combine shipping, I didn't check.

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