Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Science Fiction Fairy Tales from SurLaLune

Back in the fall, John was doodling around with some fairy tale illustrations with science fiction twists for the fun of it after we had a lengthy discussion one day about which genres have few fairy tale inspired retellings. My list of science fiction retellings was slim, I could only think of a handful. I'll do a post of those separately today.

But for now I wanted to share the first three--and I don't know if there will be more since John is rather da Vinci like in his creative projects--flittering from one to another as the mood captures him. From computer illustration to painting to sculpting, he does it all and goes where his muses lead him at times. There are others in draft, but these are the completed ones. But we can hope since we have a really adorable version of seven dwarf robots in draft.

John wanted to instill the flavor of the old pulp science fiction paperback covers from the 80s and earlier, but with the modern feel of computer illustration. These make me want to write the stories to go with them, what about you?

I have added these to the SurLaLune CafePress store. They are also available as posters on Zazzle where John was happier with the poster printing options. Which illustration is your favorite?

This is the one we struggled with the most between John's vision and my own. She started out as Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty with a different color scheme and a slightly different backstory in our minds. But the glass coffin is obviously Snow White and once I showed John some classic illustrations such as here and here, he agreed, changed the color scheme, and Snow White entered the stasis chamber.

At first she was riding away, but then we turned LRRH back, riding directly into danger in the forest. Much better, yes?


  1. These are wonderful! Just stunning!

  2. I love them! Rapunzel is my favorite so far -- such a startling image, especially if you know the story.

    I hope he'll keep working on them. :)

  3. The snow white one is amazing, actually all three are. I'm hoping more are to come.
    That wolf looks very tranformerish. I like.