Monday, March 25, 2013

A Bargain and A Little TV Discussion: Grimm Season 1 on DVD for $19.99

I rarely look at Target ads anymore, but did this week and saw that Grimm: Season One is $19.99 on sale this week at Target. And sure enough, Amazon price matched it this morning, so it is also $19.99 there.

I haven't been writing regular coverage of Grimm or Once Upon a Time or Beauty and the Beast this season due to time constraints--and I don't manage to keep up with watching them very well either--although I try to stay informed with them through TV review sites and such. That said, I have found myself watching all the episodes of Grimm since it returned from hiatus and the show has definitely grown on me more for entertainment purposes although the folklore elements seem to have atrophied. Poor NBC, Grimm is the only show I watch on that network. And they have upped the presence of women on the show which also makes it more enjoyable for me. I am hoping it gets renewed.


Once Upon a Time doesn't need my coverage. It has a large, loyal fan base and is, of course, the show I am asked about the most when SurLaLune comes up during my conversations with people in my "real" world. The Season 2 DVDs are already up for preorder, too. This one should be renewed for a third season very easily. I admit I am not a fan of the "evil queen should be lovable to all of us" storytelling. There are consequences for bad behavior--many fairy tales remind us of that!--and whatever the antihero sympathetic motivations offered, she has done some despicable stuff and should not be trusted but kept on a tight leash. Guess I've known too many real people like that to make a hero out of one of them. Has everyone forgotten she put a knife in her own father?

Beauty and the Beast barely resembles its inspiration show and is on the bubble for renewal. Hence the upping of the sexual levels the last few weeks. It looks like a CW show--it's like there is the same set designer for the entire network--which I now know since John and I are regular viewers of Arrow, having forgiven its flaws a while back ourselves. Which I admit is often my criteria for TV watching these days--what shows will give me a few minutes of something to watch with the hubby and chill for a few minutes with him? Arrow and Grimm and Elementary fit that need better than the others.

So which shows are you watching? Or not watching? What's your favorite?

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