Sunday, March 10, 2013

Goblin Fruit Winter 2013

come feast with us

The Winter Issue of Goblin Fruit is online. If you are not familiar, this is a quarterly online publication which shares poetry with a fantasy and fairy tale inspiration.

And you really should visit just to see Betsie Withey beautiful header graphics for the issue. My husband, the visual artist in the family, kept walking by my office door and commenting on it. ("I should do some illustrative art for you (meaning SurLaLune)" was the final result. Yes, I think, that and some more logos, yes?)

Table of Contents:

Triumph XIII: Chaaya by Shweta Narayan
The Journeymaker, Climbing by Rose Lemberg
Sleeping Beauty Makes Dinner by Sally Rosen Kindred
The Jackdaw, Married by Mathew Joiner
Silver by Andy Humphrey
Grief by Jennifer Jerome
It Is Winter and Everything Is Cold, Thinks Robber Girl by Charlotte Bhaskar
Lament for a Faithless Prince by Ada Hoffmann
Moral by Alicia Cole
Tent Worms by Laura Lee Washburn
The Journeymaker to Keddar by Rose Lemberg
As Long As There Are Husbands in Winter by Phyllis Holliday

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