Monday, July 23, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Stalker Comedy Film?

Honor C. Appleton's Sleeping Beauty

From 'Sleeping Beauty' Comedy in the Works From Producer Neal Moritz (Exclusive) at Hollywood Reporter by Tatiana Siegel :

With Disney in production on the Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent, producer Neal Moritz is moving forward with a comedy take of on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale that turns the slumbering sweetie into a pesky stalker.

The 21 Jump Street producer is developing a modern-day retelling that finds the male protagonist accidently awakening Sleeping Beauty and finding that he can't get rid of the lovestruck heroine.

Although Moritz's Original Film banner has its deal at Sony, Sleeping Beauty is not yet set up at the studio and is being developed internally.

Original's Amanda Lewis is shepherding the pic, which is being penned by Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller. Corey May and Dooma Wenschuh of Sekretagent Prods. are also producing.

This one made the rounds of news sites and blogs last week. But I needed to share here, too, for archiving if nothing else! Interesting concept but I am always wary of stalker comedy plots. But at least it's not another high fantasy--not that I mind those at all--but we don't want to just get those, do we?


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