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ABC's Once Upon a Time at Comic Con

From 'Once Upon a Time' panel at Comic-Con: Captain Hook is coming! (Watch first-look teaser here) by Sandra Gonzalez:

The Big Revelations:

+ Captain Hook is coming!
+ We will find out the identity of Henry’s father — and Jennifer Morrison knows who it is! “We talked about it early on,” she said. Kitsis’ tease? “I think Goofy is probably going to be Henry’s father,” he joked. “We gotta give Emma more credit here,” Morrison retorted.

+ We will learn the mythical identity of Dr. Whale this season.

+ There’s room for Kristin Bauer van Straten to return as Maleficent! “I didn’t see her body,” said Horowitz.

+ What DOES it mean that “Magic is coming”? “I wonder if we will find that out. I bet you we will have to watch season 2,” said Kitsis. “We don’t know if there’s anything to go back to.” Horowitz added: “Who knows if there’s anything there?”

+ The first few episodes will not disappoint. “I never could have conceived of the brilliance that is the first couple of scripts,” said Goodwin. “I can say that as an audience member it’s exactly what I’d want to see.” Added Kitsis: “The show is not going to change from the one you loved last year…we’re still going to go back and forth and meet new people along the way. “

+ We will find out what happened to Mr. Gold’s son Bae this season.

No comment on the Captain Hook element from me. Moving on...

And here's another preview--you can see Jack and the Beanstalk if you watch carefully:

From 'Once Upon A Time': More season 2 scoops from the executive producers
by Nuzhat Naoreen
: (This is the most indepth article if you want to read just one in full.)

The impact of magic on Storybrooke:

KITSIS: “Magic as we know always comes with a price and we are introducing it to a world where it has never been before and I think that’s going to have unpredictable results. It’s going to affect everybody this season because that’s what’s more fun.”

Everyone’s memories returning:

KITSIS “I think the thing that we are really excited about is the fact that not only is magic in Storybrooke but everybody knows who they are. I think that is going to enable us to really dig deeper into the characters, now that they can actually deal with all the issues in their life and their past and their future.”

HOROWITZ: “One of the things that’s interesting to us to explore is this notion that just because the memories have returned does not mean that the past 28 years did not happen. Those memories, the Davids, the Mary Margaret, the Mr. Golds, all those people, who they were existed and what they did actually happened and those are the things that will have to be dealt with.”

And the Season 2 footage screened at Comic Con:

More bits from Comic-Con 2012: 'Once Upon a Time' welcomes Captain Hook and Jack and the Beanstalk:

Who will we meet at the beginning of the episodes come fall? Well, in addition to the purple smoke monster, there were Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Bean Stalk, to name a few.

Although fall seems so far away, rest assured that it won't be too long until the new characters are introduced. "Very early in the season we're going to start to see some of these people join our group," says Horowitz. But the new guys won't take the focus away from the core group. "You are going to meet these people through our characters," says Kitsis. Bonus: Dr. Whale gets a fairytale counterpart.

We'll also meet Henry's father, who may or may not be someone we've seen before. "It might be Sneezy," says Kitsis, who jokes that maybe it's not significant anyway. "His name's Jeff. He lives in a suburb outside of Chicago. It's not a big deal. It was a one-time thing."

One person who does know: Jennifer Morrison. "I think Goofy is probably going to be Henry's father," Kitsis says later on. "You've got to give Emma some more credit here, geez! I just feel like she's got some taste," Morrison replies.

And here's video of the actual panel:

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  1. Thank you very much for posting this roundup-- I waited in line for two hours but couldn't get into the panel. It warms my heart to see how popular it is! =)

    And please, don't censor your thoughts on Capt. Hook, I would love to hear them.

    I don't know if it made it to youtube, but there was also a panel on the joys and challenges of reusing fairy tales and superheroes which I got to attend. The panelists didn't go into as much depth as I would have liked, but it was interesting nonetheless.