Monday, July 2, 2012

Around the World: Brazilian Folktales (World Folklore Series) byLivia Maria M de Almeida, Ana Maria Portella (Editor), Margaret Read MacDonald (Editor)

Brazilian Folktales (World Folklore Series) by Livia Maria M de Almeida, Ana Maria Portella (Editor), Margaret Read MacDonald (Editor) is today's featured collection of folktales from Around the World.

Book description:

Brazil, the largest country in South America, covers a vast terrain that ranges from the tropical rain forests of the Amazon basin and upland farms, to towering mountains and sandy beaches; from highly populated urban centers to virtually inaccessible interior jungle regions. Its population is composed of indigenous peoples (e.g., Tupy, Kaxinawa, Taulipang), people of African descent, those of European (mostly Portuguese) descent, and mixtures of these groups. Drawing on the varied cultural traditions and ethnic diversity of the country, this collection offers readers a rich brew of traditional Brazilian tales--from creation stories and stories of enchantment to animal and trickster tales. More than 40 stories are included, along with background information, color photographs, recipes, and games. There are very few collections of Brazilian folktales currently available in English, and none with this depth and range. This is a wonderful treasury for storytellers, folklorists, and educators. Also a great resource for educators planning units on the Amazon rain forest! All levels.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Brazil and Brazilian storytelling
The creation of the Amazon River 3
Star fate of the bororo boys 5
How the night came to be 7
The wandering head : how the moon came to be 9
The story of Mani 11
The snake eater 13
The story of the Vitoria Regia, the Amazon water lily 15
The hawk husband 19
The story of Guarana 23
Turtle and Onca, the Jaguar 27
How Agouti (Cotia) fooled Onca 29
Jaguar and goat 31
How turtle tricked Onca 35
Crab with the flying eyes 37
Curupira and the hunter 41
A party in heaven 45
The cockroach's wedding 47
The bald chick 49
Monkey and the corn cake 53
The Louse-skin chair 59
The three sisters and the children with golden stars on their brows 65
Princess Toad 69
The singing grasses 73
The golden jars 75
The old lady in the woods 79
The princess with the seven pairs of shoes 81
The fish mother 85
Pedro Malasartes in the bag 91
Pedro Malasartes and the doll murderer 93
Pedro Malasartes herds pigs 95
Pedro Malasartes sells rabbits 97
The skull takes revenge 101
The devil in a bottle 103
The headless mule 107
Creature of the night 109
The old lady and the monkey 111
The creature of fire 113
The beetle man 115
The girl and the Kibungo 119
The Kibungo and the boy with the sack full of feathers 121
How the blacksmith fooled death 127
The good minister and death 131
Aunt misery's pear tree 133
Brazilian festivals 137
Festival recipes 140


  1. Looks good. I wonder if it's on Kindle.

  2. Pedro Malazartes is very funny, I think you will feel a little bit of our spirit!