Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barbie and Fairy Tales

Rapunzel (1995)

Barbie has a varied history with fairy tales, but one of the more recent adventures included a Children's Story collector series from 1995-2000, with a doll released each year. While Barbie also has a long history of Disney fairy tale tie-ins, this line of dolls carefully--and often successfully--navigated away from the Disney designs for these characters. Today I am sharing images of each for a lighthearted Saturday post. The only oddity is Little Bo Peep but the rest are all romantic fairy tale heroines.

All of these images were borrowed from the Barbie Collector website. Descriptions of the dolls are provided there, mostly concentrating on the clothing.

Little Bo Peep (1996)

Cinderella (1997)

Sleeping Beauty (1998)

Snow White (1999)

Beauty (2000) I think this one channels Disney more than the others.

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  1. I own all of these except the Little Bo Peep :) Of course I also own the majority of the Disney specific collector dolls. Beauty and Snow White (in terms of color scheme) definitely recall Disney more than the others though.