Friday, June 26, 2009

Watch This: Burger King Commercials (Germany)

I discovered a press release about a new campaign using fairy tales and marionettes to sell burgers to Germans. I wish they'd use the same campaign to sell to Americans... Alas, I really hope when this new Burger King advertising campaign begins showing in Germany that some kind souls post the commercials on YouTube or somewhere similar. Well, after a quick search, I found all three. I'll share them at the bottom.

Here's the first paragraph of the press release found on ShootOnline at MetaTechnik Gets Quirky for Crispin:

"Metatechnik, bicoastal music and sound producer, has produced all of the audio components for a new Burger King campaign (Crispin Porter + Bogusky), for the German market. The 3 spots, featuring puppet marionettes out of fairy tales placed in modern day Burger King restaurants, encompass an off beat, quirky and surreal musical score. The "real to life" sound design draws out the quirkiness in the juxtaposition of the spots. Metatechnik's own German, Georg Bissen, cast and produced the voice over talent out of Berlin, Germany."

The press release is rather lengthy so be sure to click through and read more about it. There's one image, too, and it is of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, of course. I'd be shocked if those characters weren't included in a fairy tale-themed campaign for Burger King. The other one appears to be the magic donkey who poops gold. Hard to imagine that one appearing on American television! The third is the hungry giant. I can't embed that one, but here's a link Burger King's Hungry Giant commercial.

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  1. Puppets and fairy tales! I'll even forgive their use in the employ of burger-sales!