Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Book: Fairy Tale Frankie and the Tricky Witch by Greg Gormley and Steven Lenton

Looking for a not scary, lighthearted fairy tale book for Halloween for the youngest people in your life? Then check out Fairy Tale Frankie and the Tricky Witch by Greg Gormley (Author) and Steven Lenton (Illustrator).

The fairy tale connection is generic characters from fairy tales--princess, king, knight, etc.--not specific fairy tales. Now I am trying to think if there are any Halloween related books with specific fairy tale characters in them. None are coming to mind.

Anyway, this one will amuse the toddler set and is definitely not scary with lots of purple and pink to spare. I like that Frankie takes charge in the crisis and saves the day. And this doesn't have to be for Halloween, but it is a great book for the holiday, too.

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Book description:

A little girl finds her house overrun with fairy tale characters all looking for somewhere to hide from the witch in this fast-paced and funny picture book that brings all of your favorite tales to life!

Frankie loves fairy tales! And one morning she wakes up to find that all her favorite fairy tale characters have appeared in her house! From a princess to a king, a mermaid to a knight in armor—even a unicorn—and they’re all looking for a place to hide from the witch who’s coming fast! Can Frankie help them all? And once she’s hidden them, what will she do?

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  1. A great Halloween/fairy tale book is "Cinderella Skeleton" by Robert D. San Souci.