Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Announcements for SurLaLune: What's Coming Soon!

Bluebeard Illustration by Aaron McMillian

So I am concerned that everyone thinks that SurLaLune is being neglected. The truth is, that is anything but true. Yes, it's been a horrendously busy year for me in all other areas of my life, but SurLaLune is always on my mind. A day doesn't pass when I don't think of it or do something with it at least behind the scenes.

That said, most of the SurLaLune work is behind the scenes right now. But it will be rising again to public visibility soon.

On the near horizon:

1. A NEW SurLaLune Fairy Tales site design is coming in the next few months!

It's past time and this is what is taking a lot of focus from things like my blogging time but I have a team on this one this time. The new site will be modernized to fit mobile responsive needs, but we are aiming to keep the content as much the same as possible.

2. Three new SurLaLune Tales From Around the World books! Well, two new ones and a second edition on an older title.

First up will be: Puss in Boots and Other Cat Tales From Around the World. That will be released on Halloween, so it is coming QUICK, QUICK, QUICK! There are over 250 tales in the book. It's massive and I am hoping it will be as loved as  Mermaid and Other Water Spirit Tales From Around the World, the official SurLaLune series bestseller.

Second will be a Diamonds and Toads title: Kind and Unkind Girls Tales From Around the World.

Finally, in early 2017, there will be a new expanded edition of Sleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales From Around the World. The first edition is out of print now and it was time to add more tales and update the design of the book's interior anyway.

The first edition of Sleeping Beauties used to be neck in neck in top sales with the  Mermaid and Other Water Spirit Tales From Around the World title, but now that it's been out of print for six months, it's sitting in a firm second place.

3. When we launch the new site, I will also be revising the SurLaLune CafePress shop. Many of the old designs will be retired but there will be new ones, like the one for Bluebeard at the top of the page by Aaron McMillian. Aaron has been one of my fairy godfathers of late, working on the site redesign as well as finding inspiration in the tales and creating new, awesome illustrations for me to use on new materials.

If you have designs that you really like there, please let me know because I don't plan to keep much. I will be refining and whittling it all down to more manageable and updated designs.

And if you have a wishlist of something you'd like to see on a shirt, mug, coaster tile, shower curtain, etc. let me know. I may be able to make that happen!


  1. Yay! Excited for the new books especially!

  2. I've been waiting for the news on that Kind and Unkind girls tales collection for quite some time now. Very excited.

  3. Such great news Heidi! Can't wait to see it all. Very excited about the new books too. I hope you're keeping all the posts. Even if they're old news, they're still a great resource.
    PS CafePress Designs I've used a lot: Cinderella Around the World & Il Etait Une Fois... I buy new tops when my old ones die through great use! I also love my Walter Crane Sleeping Beauty tote. Always gets great comments.

  4. Great image! Nice to be back on blogger and following your posts.