Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fairy Tale Sleepwear

So I stumbled across these gems of sleepwear at Ulla Popken. There is a set of pajamas and a set of two sleep tees. They are both labeled as Red Riding Hood. 

"Fun!" I thought. And rare. I rarely see fairy tale themed clothing for adult women that is not Disney licensed. That was cool enough.

But it gets better! At least for me!

First, here's a close up of the image on the pajama set. Yes, that is Little Red Riding Hood with a very non-threatening wolf. Sweet, although I am personally not a fan of heart shapes. And I do like it, but LRRH admittedly doesn't make my heart go a faster pitty pat the way some other tales do. But I was tempted on principle.

Then if you look a little closely--I almost didn't!--you will see that the image on the shirt in the set of two sleep tees is different from the pajamas. "Odd," I thought, "Let me look closer!"

That's not LRRH! See, here it is up close:

That's the Star Child also known as The Star Money! Oh joy! It's one of my favorite fairy tales and rarely appears anywhere as a novelty. I have a picture book of it--I shared it here--and there is a toy I still wish for:

So of course I ordered the sleep shirt set and am hoping they arrive with the Star Child image on the one shirt. They were on sale with a Black Friday coupon code, too, so score! If they do have the Star Child image, I will be very thrilled--best Christmas present this year! And I will wear these at Christmas and use them to tell the tale to the young ones at bedtime. 

Ulla Popken sources European designs and was originally based in Germany according to its website, so it's a natural that a lesser known but beloved German fairy tale would appear on their sleepwear. 


  1. The Star Child shirt is awesome and I'd love to have one myself. I can't remember the story but the name definitely sounds familiar. I'll be looking that up as soon as I finish this comment. And that little toy is darling, I'm tempted to carve one out and paint it for myself.

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