Friday, November 27, 2015

Crafty Friday: Toad Alley Ring and Frog Prince Necklace by Heidi Daus

I have shared Heidi Daus jewelry in the past--she most famously did a collection for Snow White and the Huntsman for HSN a few years ago. I came across this ring and wanted to share it here. It, too, is available though HSN

Colorful and very Frog Prince and would drive me nuts to wear on my hand, but it is pretty to look at!

Daus is rather known for her insects and animal themes. She likes the Frog Prince especially when it comes to fairy tales and has many variations of her Frog Prince Necklace, one of the more recent iterations is shown below:

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  1. I love these! And could have used them for my Halloween costume this year; I went as the princess from the story.