Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fairy Tale Gift Shop Discoveries at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

As I mentioned last week, I was blessed to go on vacation in October--mine and John's first vacation in four years, almost to the day. We were LONG overdue. Our vacation was long and eventful and occasionally I saw fairy tale things.

One of the best sightings was on our first day of the trip when we were in Barcelona at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. The gift shop had lots of fun things in it. I was so tired and jetlagged at that point that I also didn't care about taking pictures and the gift shop staff didn't say me nay either. So here are my photos for my own reference and where I found them later online for more information and better pictures.

It was an amazing museum, too, by the way. I really was exhausted and John ended up sleeping on a couch for a bit because his body just shuts down on him. He wasn't bored, just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.

These Build Your Own Bobble Head - Fairy Tales were something new to me and looked like fun. If I was still working in a library, I would have snatched these up and assembled them for a display in the children's room. I had a few fun displays back in my day.

This Prince Philippe with the frog prince is by Djeco Toys--apparently made by France's Papo which I see has many fairy tale themed items--some I've investigated before. I will research and share more in a separate post soon! The Djeco site has that animated stuff you are forced to load and watch before you can really see much which is followed up by mystery meat navigation which I don't have time to mess with today. Or any day for that matter. Sells and informs absolutely nothing to anyone. 

These Shrinkables - Fairy Tale were perhaps the most tempting but on the first day of a trip, I was very reluctant to add ANYTHING to my luggage. Fortunately, I found these online and now have them in my wishlist for a possible splurge someday in the future. These reminded me of the Shrinky Dinks I loved when I was in 4th grade, many moons ago.

Again, I am a school supplies and stationary junkie, so I wanted these Fairy Tale Color Pencils and the erasers pictured above them, too. But I practiced self control yet again!

Finally, there were a few pieces from the UK's Tyrrell Katz brand. With further research, I've learned these are part of the Princess line and include many items, such as the backpack at the top of this post and more. The museum didn't have the Tyrrell Katz Princess Beaker, which is a good thing because I bet I would have bought that to hold pencils on my desk. Which may have convinced me to buy the Fairy Tale Color Pencils and then the self mastery would have been sliding down that slippery slope of indulgence. I ended up with room in my luggage by the end of the trip, but I didn't know that at the beginning! And since international delivery is very cost prohibitive for a beaker, I think this will remain as an image in my files instead of a pencil holder on my desk! 

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