Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funny: Cinderella Party

Time for a Cinderella themed Sunday Funny. This one is all over the web in several permutations (granddaughter, niece, daughter) and I don't know who first thought it up, but this was my favorite image found at SomeECards. That's my kind of Cinderella party! Don't think the Kensie niece would enjoy it though.

And while we're here, here's an extra one also found at SomeECards:

1 comment:

  1. The first one is so funny...
    And The second one so true! I mean, Lots of people say "Cinderella is so weak because her life expectation is marrying a rich Prince"... But it's not true, she just warts To go to The ball! She's so humble that I think she never thought of hunting a Prince like he was a rabbit. These people who call her weak and gold-Digger should focus on Cinderella's family. Those ugly words fit the step-family much more.
    Personally, I see Cinderella (with "Cinderella" I mean Disney's princess, Perrault's Cendrillon, Danielle de Barbarac, Grimm's Ash-Girl, Basile's Cenerentola, etc) as a strong character. She has her flaws but it's good for our boys and girls (not just girls!) to know her story (among others of course).