Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lots of Bargain Ebooks: From Archangels to Beauties and Their Beasts

On the Road with the Archangel by Frederick Buechner is on sale for $.99 in ebook format. Unusual SurLaLune offering you think? Well the book is based on the Book of Tobit from the Apocrypha which is also one of the earliest, if not the first, Grateful Dead stories recorded, over two millenia old. You're going to be innundated with Grateful Dead on this blog soon, so here's a chance for an early start.

That said, this title is one of hundreds currently on sale on Amazon (and probably elsewhere), a few with some fairy tale connections, but also just a lot of great books. Here are links to the lists which I am still mining myself for treasures--There is lots of Terry Pratchett (who we lost this week) and Deborah Crombie and many romance authors, including some fairy tale inspired romances, like The Princess and the Pea and The Emperor's New Clothes by Victoria Anderson and The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane: Rhymes With Love by Elizabeth Boyle, a Beauty and the Beast romance. There's more but those are the ones with tabs I opened.

HarperCollins Books on Sale for $.99 Each

HarperCollins Books on Sale for $1.99 Each

Avon Books on Sale for $.99 Each

Avon Books on Sale for $1.99 Each

Book description:

One of the brightest lights in late-twentieth-century literature, Frederick Buechner has published more than twenty-five works of fiction and nonfiction that continue to dazzle critics and readers alike, adding continuously to the ranks of his fiercely loyal following. On the Road with the Archangel is sure to continue this tradition with its powerful blend of humor, artistry, and insight into the nature of the human and the divine.

Inspired by events in the apocryphal Book of Tobit, from the second century B.C., this is the magical tale of two families brought together, as no mere coincidence, by the devilishly clever archangel Raphael. One is the family of Tobit, a virtuous man who can no longer support his wife and son because of Raguel, the quiet, devoted father of Sarah whose pact with the demon Asmodeus has left her life in tragic shambles.

Assuming human form, Raphael appears before Tabias, Tobit's devoted son, to help him retrieve his father's fortune hidden in a faraway city. Together, they embark on a miraculous journey in search of the answers to both families' prayers--a journey that is made challenging and delightful by Rapheal's artful efficiency.

On the Road with the Archangel is a masterful combination of fluid writing, lyrical storytelling, and ancient truth blended with modern wisdom. And beneath it all lies a subtle, glowing meditation on the nature of the Holy.

Hailed as "one of our most original storytellers" (USA Today), Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Frederick Buechner has written an extraordinary new novel that shines with the mystery and wonder of the divine.Drawn from the ancient apocryphal Book of Tobit, On the Road with the Archangel unravels the tale of a eccentric blind father and his somewhat bumbling song who journeys to seek his family's lost treasure. Narrated by the wry and resourceful archangel Raphael, Buencher's tale is a pure delight, alive with vivid characters, delightful adventures and wondrous revelations.

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