Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Librarians and the Fables of Doom

The Librarians is a new series on TNT here in the US. I tried it out because, as a librarian, I'm always interested to see how we are portrayed in pop culture. It's a thing for librarians, the majority of which are not buttoned up, bespectacled spinsters with a shushing finger and obsession with cats. I admit to the often bespectacled and occasionally buttoned up myself though, but I am far from typical and much less interesting than most of the librarians I've known.

Episode 6, And the Fables of Doom, aired this past Sunday night and it has A LOT of fun fairy tale references in it from Emperor's New Clothes to Little Red Riding Hood to a troll under a bridge in Three Billy Goats Gruff--and that's all in the first ten minutes. Anyway, if you are in the US, the episode is available to stream online for free for a month or so, so I am providing a link. There's a list of 57 fairy tale magical items from fairy tales and folklore and some overall kitsch, but it's fun overall. I'd consider the series from what I've seen so far--I've not watched them all--to be family safe, fine for most school age kids and up. There is some jeopardy and violence but not to the levels of say, Doctor Who or any of the superhero shows on right now. Yes, I watch Arrow and Flash regularly with the hubby.

Episode description:

Near a small town in Washington, a truck is thrown off a bridge and the clipping book sends the Librarians to investigate. They find that the event was caused by a troll, and that other strange events have been occurring in the town, each fitting into the pattern of a well-known fairy tale. The cause is traced to an old book that has recently come into the possession of the town's own librarian (René Auberjonois). The Librarians must race to stop the effect even as they themselves are swept into the stories.

The link to the episode is at http://www.tntdrama.com/shows/the-librarians/season-1/episode-6/and-the-fables-of-doom.html

And here are some preview videos:


  1. It looks so good, but I will have to wait til it goes to netflix, because I am cheap and I don't have cable. 0.0

  2. It's nice to know that someone is finally making a show about all we library folk do to hunt down magical artifacts and keep them safe.

    Anyway, in the course of the episode, I kind of wish someone had let Ezekiel know that the "lucky rogue" archetype often dovetails with that of the "fool".

  3. I loved this episode, and I'm really enjoying the show. It was fun to see the slow changes to personalities and clothing as the episode went on. I'd love to get a look at all the things Jenkins listed on the blackboard. From what we could see, and what was made comment to, there was an interesting backstory to everything on there! Thanks for putting up this review.