Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Princess and Frog in Just Dance 2015

So one of our family activities during the holidays of late has been to play Just Dance. Thanksgiving night last week I cracked open the new Just Dance 2015 - Xbox 360 for the first time. The entire family--ages from 2 to 68--was entertained and many videos were filmed. There is a gag order in the family that NONE of those videos shall go beyond the family borders. With the exception of perhaps some adorable ones that don't have me in them.

One of the fun moments for me--in the I can't get away from fairy tales EVER vein--was that one of the songs on this release has dancers dressed as a princess and a frog. I'm embedding the teaser video above. It wasn't one of our favorite dances, I'll admit, but it was a fun one for the kids especially with all of the Rayman characters in the background distracting them.

Of course, this one also has Frozen's Let It Go on it, so our family's four-year-old took this one very seriously because she wants to be Elsa and regularly begs her mother to let her change her name to Elsa. Oh, the power of Elsa! Girls definitely need more superheros with powers. I loved Wonder Woman almost as much when I was that age.

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