Thursday, October 2, 2014

SurLaLune Shop Debut: Property of Prince Charming

The hubby made me some new t-shirt designs for my birthday. Which was in May. It's not entirely my fault it has taken this long to get them online and available. There were technical glitches that frustrated me with CafePress in the spring so I gave up for a while. But now it's October and every October the best selling design in the SurLaLune store is the Prince Charming t-shirt I designed eight years ago. I imagine it's one of those "Here's my costume, you're lucky I'm wearing this, and it's funny so I'm charming--says so, right here on my shirt," things for Halloween. I was reminded of this when I saw that the first and only sale of the month was, no surprise, a Prince Charming t-shirt!

So now we have Property of Prince Charming, too--perhaps a bit trite but the hubby says you will like it--and it is now available for ordering. I plan to debut his other designs next week, but wanted to get a head start today.

And folks, I don't make a lot of money off these--I really do it more for fun compared to time vs. financial return--but every little bit helps defray my costs of running SurLaLune. The $ amount these days is actually so low that I have considered taking down the SurLaLune Shop altogether. I did that with Zazzle last year after some repeatedly bad customer service experiences with them. But to date, the products I have received from CafePress have been good and the customer service has been fine despite technical glitches I have on the creation side at times. So it's still here. And I will be adding more designs this month. Because I have some and should share them so perhaps John will make us more, yes?

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